Get your certificate of validation of an EU VAT number through the Belgian MyMinfin platform

Looking for an easy way to validate a European VAT number and ensure it's linked to your business partner?

The EU-managed VIES database allows you to easily check if a VAT number is valid. However, this database may not always provide the ability to link the number to a name or address due to privacy regulations.
Fortunately, there's an official service in Belgium where you can obtain a certificate that also links the VAT number to a name. And now, this certificate can also be obtained online through the MyMinfin application!

By submitting your request through MyMinfin, you'll receive a statement of validity within 5 business days.

The application also offers an upload feature to request certificates for multiple VAT numbers at once and gives priority to all requests made through MyMinfin.

In the future, MyMinfin will be the only channel to submit such a request.

For more information, visit the FOD financiën website: