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VAT is a transaction tax.

VAT exposures can add up quickly. On the other hand, opportunities can easily be missed. Therefore, a clear vision, cohesive strategy, and an assessment of your VAT position are an absolute must.

With our deep understanding of the complexity and dynamics of VAT regulation, we can offer business-oriented “to-the point” advice on your day-to-day operations or more exceptional transactions.

We can leverage our extensive experience in the below-mentioned industries.


Review supply chain flows. Remediation strategies. Cash flow optimizations. Cross border issues. Fixed establishments. Interaction transfer pricing. VAT registrations. Evidence requirements for reliefs. Intra-Community supplies. Imports. Exports. Principcal. LRD. Commissionaires. Transport. Self-billing. E-invoicing. Consignment. Call off stock. Experienced in various sectors (pharma, chemical, food, fashion, etc.)


Structuring company groups. Impact of transactions. VAT deduction method. Pro rata. Direct allocation method. Recovery optimizations. Optimal structuring. VAT grouping. Cost-sharing organizations.


Review of invoicing and supply chains. Practical matrixes AP/AR scenarios. VAT registration requirements. Reliefs. Fiscal representation. Back-to-back. Chain transactions. Interaction excises & customs. Tax warehouse regimes. Import VAT optimization. Customized training. Remediation exposures. Review of licenses. Cash flow optimization. Helpdesk support. Oil & gas trading. 


Applicable VAT regime. Customs status. Use & enjoyment. Internal instructions. Decision trees. Manuals. Matrixes. Management of fiscal representation. Screening of contracts. Power of attorneys. Helpdesk support. Policy to evidence exemptions. Risk assessments. Rectifications & disclosures. Review of licenses. VAT warehouse. EU VAT developments. Practical sector-oriented trainings.


Optimizing of VAT deduction. Optimal structuring. Reduced VAT rates. Rulings and administrative decisions. Leasing. Sale and leaseback. Rights in rem. Right of superficies. Usufruct. Building right. Long term lease. Right to use. Sale. Renting with(out) option to tax. VAT grouping. Infrastructure projects. Decontamination of land. Renovation works. Construction works for own use. Hotels and holiday homes. Act “Breyne”.


Trusted advisor of banks, insurance companies and investment funds. Implementation of VAT groups and cost sharing organizations. Advice on international structures. Intercompany flows. (Reverse) Skandia. Pro rata’s. Real use. Issuers, acquirers and everything in between. Private banking. Wealth management. Claims handling. Co-insurance. Re-insurance. Retainer fees. Advisory or discretionary portfolio management. Fund management.


Implementation prepaid card system. Content providers. Review invoicing flows. MVNO/MVNE providers. Intermediaries. Masts. OSS. Roaming. Payment platforms. Purchase, (sale and) lease(-back) of servers.


Local and cross-border. Registrations. From lawyers to healthcare workers. Real estate. Entertainment. Events. Hospitality. Catering. Cash register. Lease. Car rental. Insurances. Travel agencies. TOMS. Transport. Passenger transport. Licensing. Promotion. Loan staffing.


From non-profit organizations to governmental institutions. From waste treatment to health care institutions. Cities and municipalities. Level of VAT deduction. Distribution system operators. Sewerage. Transport. Subventions and grants. Partial VAT liability. Adjustments. Reduced rates. Events. Sponsoring. Federations. Sports associations. Cultural sector.


Rebate schemes. Vouchers. Discount and cash back vouchers. Promotion schemes. Pragmatic (workable) solutions. E-commerce. OSS. Cash registers. Reviews of invoices. Electronic cash registers. Management of immovable property. Distance sales.
VAT Consult always goes for tailor-made support, every situation is different.
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